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In terms of effects, you can expect a head and body high that will leave you blissed out on the couch. Medical marijuana patients choose London Pound Cake to relieve symptoms associated with fatigue and depression. London Pound Cake was originally bred by Cookies.


BUY London Pound Cake Online. Any individual who has appreciated Sunset Sherbet is likely very intrigued by some other strains she’s a piece of, making London Pound Cake an unquestionable requirement take a stab at your rundown. The group at Cookies Fam Genetics is keeping calm with regards to what they’ve crossed to make this magnificence, however with amazing indica strength, one can just envision that it’s something spectacular

Buy london pound cake online

London Pound Cake isn’t for weak willed, as this bud checks in as high as 29% THC. Nugs are thick and dim in shading, yet their appearance is spruced up a piece with radiant orange hairs and stout golden trichomes. In the event that you appreciate better strains that mix sweet notes with a touch of heartiness, this lady is for you. Her flavors and smells include berries, grapes, and lemon with wood and nuts to adjust things out impeccably. Purchase Pound Cake Online


Regardless of how amazing she appears to be on paper, London Pound Cake isn’t normally super calming for experienced clients. Most find that her underlying impacts are more cerebral in nature, bringing an elevating mental state and clearness to the psyche after even the most unpleasant of days. Purchase

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Light users and beginners better beware, and don’t be fooled by the sweet aromas of this strain! While  (sometimes also simply referred to as Pound Cake) has a decadent dessert name, it is known to be an extremely powerful and potent heavy hitter that will leave even the most seasoned of users couch locked, though admittedly without being overwhelming as it induces a sense of calmness. A cross between Sunset Sherbert and an unknown, mystery indica strain, the  Pound Cake  kush  is an indica dominant hybrid with THC levels that can soar as high as 29%! It packs a punch of flavours, offering a beautiful blend of nutty sweetness and a medley of fruits that is as delicious as it is potent! If you have trouble falling asleep and are seeking ultra relaxing effects, this strain may be perfect for you!


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