Lemon Skunk is a highly regarded sativa strain developed by DNA Genetics, the pioneering and well-respected firm behind over 125 award-winning strains.

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Lemon Skunk Kush is a cannabis strain.

Lemon Skunk Kush is a Sativa-dominant cannabis strain with 60% Sativa and 40% Indica content. Lemon Skunk is an award-winning strain recognized for its intense mental and physical high, as well as its distinct aroma and flavor.


One of the most popular cannabis strains in Colorado and the West Coast is Lemon Skunk.


Lemon Skunk Kush’s Brief History


Lemon Skunk Kush was created by DNA Genetics and is reported to be a hybrid between two different but equally potent Skunk strains.


Its mother Skunk strain originated in Las Vegas, while its father originated in Holland. Both of its parent strains, on the other hand, have a strong skunky aroma with strong lemon notes.

Lemon Skunk Kush’s Unique Characteristics

Lemon Skunk Kush features light green buds that are dense, hefty, and arrow-shaped. Each blossom has vibrant reddish orange hairs that weave in and out. A dense and hefty covering of white, frosty white trichomes covers the buds.


It has dark green foliage with yellow highlights.
Lemon Skunk Kush Terpene and Cannabinoid Profile
Lemon Skunk Kush has a high THC content, ranging between 15% and 22%. However, other tests revealed that it can reach up to 25% in specific cases. It has a CBD concentration of about 1% and a CBN concentration of about 1%.
Linalool, limonene, and caryophyllene levels are high in Lemon Skunk Kush.

Lemon Skunk Kush Flavors and Aromas

Lemon Skunk Kush Flavors and Aromas

Lemon Skunk Kush has a distinct flavor and fragrance profile. It has a strong skunky aroma with undertones of lemons and citrus fruits. It also has an earthy, sour aroma.

With its sweet, tangy, and skunky flavor and strong undertones of zesty lemons, it has a wonderfully unusual flavor.

Lemon Skunk Kush’s Side Effects

Lemon Skunk Kush stimulates the mind and increases creativity, making it ideal for afternoon use. It also uplifts the mood while inducing thought-provoking thoughts. One deep inhale makes you feel energized, stress-free, calmer, happier, euphoric, and relaxed.

You will feel your entire body relax as its physical benefits take action, leaving you pain-free.

Medical Problems

People suffering from depression or chronic stress will benefit from its uplifting and euphoric effects. It can also assist to relax the body and reduce anxiety.

The analgesic impact of Lemon Skunk Kush will aid those suffering from chronic pain and inflammation. Arthritis, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, gastrointestinal issues, headaches, and migraine episodes might all benefit from it.


Most dispensaries in the area carry Lemon Skunk Kush. Order Lemon Skunk Kush online from if you prefer the comfort and privacy of your own home. They are a Canadian online cannabis retailer recognized for their high-quality, fresh buds.

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