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buy Beard Bros. Concetrates truly puts the “medical” in medical marijuana. This highly potent and versatile product can be ingested directly or infused into edible or topical remedies. Ideal for pain management, sleep aid, and for consumers who cannot smoke or vape. Smartly packaged in CP materials with a dosage-labeled syringe applicator for no mess and easy storage. Beard Bros. uses whole plant extract to craft each Full Extract Cannabis Oil Syringe. You’ll never find pesticides or residual solvents in Beard Bros products – they use a rapid cold extraction process to ensure all natural terpenes remain intact before placing the extract in a vacuum to remove all residual alcohol. The result is a pure cannabis oil that is deliciously edible, it retains the flavors and aromas of the source flower. Beard Bros. — machine made to Mother Nature’s standards.

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