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Buy Heavy Hitters Cartridges online


buy heavy hitters online


Buy Heavy Hitters Cartridges online is an original among cannabis distillate companies. The California-based maker uses cold-filtering technology to purify their THC and CBD-dominant strains. The strains have several potencies of THC or CBD,Buy Heavy Hitters Cartridges online they generally range between 70-90%. Heavy Hitters puts the oil it produces into eight different cartridge-styles, including Pax Era pods.

The cartridges use all-ceramic cores for improved consistency. They feature glass tanks and stainless steel elements, like the coil base and the mouthpiece. Heavy Hitter cartridges are only available in the state of California and only at licensed dispensaries. Spotting a fake Heavy Hitters cartridges, for anyone worried about counterfeits, is also easy, and we’ll tell you how to do it


When you want to get high, there is no other name in the industry to compare to this one. Heavy Hitters cartridges give you the most potent cannabis experience on the market with a reputation for consistency and quality. This is why they have earned the name, “The Original SoCal Vape.”

Are you wondering what makes these cartridges the best you are going to find for a heavy hit? Here are some of the beneficial features which set this product apart from the rest:

  • The oil is manufactured using a state-of-the-art cold-pressing technique, and is guaranteed to be free of thinning agents. Cold-pressing preserves healthy phytonutrients but doesn’t add any contaminants, resulting in the purest, most potent oil. Standard distillation just cannot compare. Get the heavy THC hit you want without the unnecessary impurities. Enjoy the benefits of a proprietary terpene blend.


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